17 June 2007

Vista = Not Good!!!

What the hell! Tell you all Vista isn't good for now tat is, I've use it and few minutes when i'm installing my software.... The whole laptop crashes and when i restart, blue screen shows up @@. D@me Vista!!! Not only that it doesn't have Microsoft Office.... -_-l| So the next day, i brought it to my father's friend shop to downgrade it to Windows XP pro service pack 2... After a day, I get it back. Whew... So i try installing my software and it was Great Success... Wakaka.. F u Vista!

16 June 2007

New Laptop=Blog starting time

Ah... My new laptop. Nice! My dad was planning to get this end of the month. But my dad ordered it a week ago. It was on a Friday... After anime club, my mom pick me from uni, went straight home. I was tired tho. My dad was picked by his friend. After reaching home, my dad says, "Help me take sumthing from uncle's car, got present 4 u...." "Oh.. ok..." i said, "??! What's this? Dell?... OMG!! Laptop!" A Dell Inspiron 1501.

So i open it like it was my birthday... hahaha..
The Opening....... XD

So many Thing -.-l|

Oh! It Comes with the bag..

I asked my dad how much did he buy.. RM3000+... Hmm... "Cheap 1 ar?"i thought... So as usual, i went to 'run..' at the start button and key in 'dxdiag'... To my surprise it is d@ame high!
Here are the specs at dell site:
  • AMD Turion® 64x2 Mobile technology TL-56 Processor (1.8GHz/1MB Cache)
  • Genuine Windows Vista™ Home Basic
  • 1GB (2x512MB) 533MHz dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM
  • 15.4" Wide Screen XGA TFT Display (1280x800 res.)
  • 120GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • 24X CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive
  • ATI Radeon® Xpress 1150 HyperMemory™ (integrated)
*Borat Nice Pose with 2 thumbs up* NICE!!!