26 July 2007

Our new Notice board

Ohhhh~~ Black~~~

Since there is Streamyx promotion tab and other stuff on our club notice board... We decided to do sumting about it... Refurnish! XD SWATwolf bought black paper~ To make it officially to make our club space as people tend to put advertisement on our club notice board.... So everyone get busy!
Haha! I'm laughing about tranformers... Wanna piece of me?! XD
Wow! Adrian is actually taking break from his manga reading and actually doing work
And there he is again! Amazing! Haha!
In the end we all do work, haha! Putting double sided tape on the black paper....
Wow! Looks great!
The Finishing for now that is~

As we had finish our club work doing the notice board, as usual... we fooled around a little XD Testing Tomi's camera 3.2 mega pixel, if i'm not mistaken. 1 second Lag!
After few.... nop.... Many Shots... we get perfect ones.


Thats all... Thanks for reading my blog.. ^^

Kuching Fest Rehearsal Day 2

Day 2

Second day rehearsal... Figuring the intro on how and when to come into the stage. Well something was done~ not like Day1......
Figure the dance scene

After it we, as usual hang out doing nothing.... hahahaha... Done alot of stuff.... Unnecessary stuff...
Sleeping.... Hey! Don't Zap me!...
Playing Sims 2

During the rehearsal..... There was a photo shooting session... wakakaka....
I'm a Celeb! XD
Nice~ Two thumbs up~.... Hey! Who's that playing Stepmania at the back! Spoil the Pic nia~ >.<
My Pet Mouse. Hahaha!

So... Continue next day..... We didn't went out to eat tho as it was getting late and some of our parents calling us to come back.... What to do~ Parents ma~

24 July 2007

I love Swinburne Line

Wow! Fast!

One thing about swinburne line is that the line is freaking fast. About 10x the speed than at home.... 200 kb/s <--- That's fast. Realy fast. Take a look....
That's Fast~ 11 minutes only to download anime

I Love Swinburne Line, the line only.... Hahahahahaha!

23 July 2007

Kuching Fest Rehearsal

Hey! Macarena!

Rehearsal time.... As Kuching festival is slowly getting closer, there is no time to waste @@
Tonight, Ajay(me), Intel, Lance, Tomi, Serene, Kim and 2 others from jap class(sorry, dunno ur names XD) was at Room 5.01 at around 7.45 pm. Intel and Lance was practicing the fight moves and the timing while we others what thinking what to do for the finishing dance. As time goes by we came out with out ideas. Tried jumping, putting our hands in the air and moving around, etc.
After few hours thinking the moves, we fooled around awhile but turns out we were fooling around the whole time XD Many people didn't attended the rehearsal. So counted as rehearsal fail~


Waiting to play the songs

Hai ya! Lance and Intel practicing

Wait the song!

While Intel and Lance figure out the fighting part, i take the chance to lay down next to Serene's laptop as she was using my to play Stepmania XD And the rest of us doing nothing~

Doing nothing
Fooling around

After practicing, we decided to go out for supper. Everyone was hungry and tired.
What the...... Yum!~ Eating mee while smsing XD

Nice hor makan~ who doesn't XD why so serious makan 1?

Times goes by, we finish eating at around 10.30 pm, as some of us need some rest and parents n pushing us to come back XD So that's it for that night.

22 July 2007

Oh No!!!

Failed my Exam!

7.oo pm+ was the time to get ready to say my prayers..... Clicking on the refresh button , waiting for blackboard to update with the results.... When the time comes, it was the moment of truth. OMG! Failed! T_T

After bringing the bad news to my parents, me, my dad and mum sat down for the very first time to discuss about my plans. Yea, i know... A very long time hur~

Few minutes later, i decided to change my program from engineering to business.

Felt so down after 2 days.....

Yea, I know, long time to update my blog. Was busy about things....

Till next time... Bye bee!

11 July 2007

Naruto and Hinata BackStage

Look what i found.....

Wow... So this is what they do after the show.. XD
I Wonder~ What are they reading? Ahem~~~~~~
Haiz.... Naruto ar... Hinata taking drinks for you, u go kacau her.... -.-''

06 July 2007

Living With Ragnarok Online 1

Brings back memories doesn't it. Hehehe.... Ragnarok Online! My 1st Online game ever played with a 56k dial up modem XD. After spending RM 1000+, 2.5 years on this game, i realised this is the only game that i ever played for a very very long time.
As 2 nights ago, i was searching for my Physics notes. Then i found my guide books.... 'Oh so there is was'.

As so, i gather up all my collections and decided to put my RO collection on my blog as the 1st online game i ever played.

My Collection

The Reload cards

'Guild'.... Guide Books
Wops spell Guild wrong, Guide Book

Installation CD

The Limited Edition Sakura Romance... Wakakaka....

But haiz... i stopped at The Rise Of AI.... But SWATwolf have almost complete collection but the don't have the Limited Edition Sakura Romance... hahaha.... Owned! XD

Wiiiii EXAM OVER! Time to Wii

Wiiiii... hahaha. Finally it's over. Last paper ok oklah, some forgot formula tho @@

Now i'm in the open lab waiting SWATwolf to come.

Sien... do nothing.....
That's why friends are important as they eat the time away being with them..... Wakakaka...

Last night in MIrc play 'text' starcraft...hahaha... Luan all the team...

Kr898: *static* Taking.... *static* Heavy fire~.... *static*.... Need assistance....... *static..........*
Intel-Pentium: Nuke Ready for launch.... Target 125.455.3.1
Intel-Pentium: Code *185379*
(after few minutes later)
Kr898: Eh? Mana nuke saya?
Intel-Pentium: Already launch leh...
Kr898: Y no Boom?
Intel-Pentium: you missed it...
Kr898: Lol....
(after done playing)
Intel-Pentium: anime time
Intel-Pentium: I go watch anime
Kr898: Me 2.....

So that's what we do in MIrc at the night i was suppose to study my Finite Math... >.>
Missed out some formula tho.. Starcraft in my head @@ Curse you Intel!! hahaha! Just Kidding!!

05 July 2007

4 Down, 1 to go

Ah... At last... The final paper, Finite Math A, time to have a bit rest. Although it's kinda hard. I'm much easier than Physics A @@, this morning died..... *Sigh* a lot questions dunno.

Well look forward for 2molo....

Bye-bee ^^

04 July 2007

Borrow camera anyone?

I'm in need of a camera..... -_-||

Sien... wanna write my review also cannot... i mean need pictures to see ma...

Serene, Intel, Kim, SWATwolf... anyone?

Blogging = Tough

I didn't know it is so tough at start.... Like my head Picture on top... You could see some empty lines at the right side tho...

Haiz... Wad to do.... ask SWATwolf to help lor......

SWATwolf!!!! Help me.......

Oh... 1 more thing.... I need a camera T_T. No pictures is boring -_-||

Blog still in progress......

03 July 2007

Arh!! EXAM Time....

Ah... the finals... Done IT1 (Information Technology 1) and Reading for academic purposes....

Next up.... Physics, Engineering Math1 and Finite Math 1.... finish on 6 July, Then Free!!!! till the results come out tho

Will continue to update my blog and add new features to it.... Study Study Study....