23 July 2007

Kuching Fest Rehearsal

Hey! Macarena!

Rehearsal time.... As Kuching festival is slowly getting closer, there is no time to waste @@
Tonight, Ajay(me), Intel, Lance, Tomi, Serene, Kim and 2 others from jap class(sorry, dunno ur names XD) was at Room 5.01 at around 7.45 pm. Intel and Lance was practicing the fight moves and the timing while we others what thinking what to do for the finishing dance. As time goes by we came out with out ideas. Tried jumping, putting our hands in the air and moving around, etc.
After few hours thinking the moves, we fooled around awhile but turns out we were fooling around the whole time XD Many people didn't attended the rehearsal. So counted as rehearsal fail~


Waiting to play the songs

Hai ya! Lance and Intel practicing

Wait the song!

While Intel and Lance figure out the fighting part, i take the chance to lay down next to Serene's laptop as she was using my to play Stepmania XD And the rest of us doing nothing~

Doing nothing
Fooling around

After practicing, we decided to go out for supper. Everyone was hungry and tired.
What the...... Yum!~ Eating mee while smsing XD

Nice hor makan~ who doesn't XD why so serious makan 1?

Times goes by, we finish eating at around 10.30 pm, as some of us need some rest and parents n pushing us to come back XD So that's it for that night.


Neko chan said...

i recognize all these photos...must be from tomi's hp rite?? XD

AJay said...

haha, yea.... no camera ma..... what to do....XD