06 July 2007

Living With Ragnarok Online 1

Brings back memories doesn't it. Hehehe.... Ragnarok Online! My 1st Online game ever played with a 56k dial up modem XD. After spending RM 1000+, 2.5 years on this game, i realised this is the only game that i ever played for a very very long time.
As 2 nights ago, i was searching for my Physics notes. Then i found my guide books.... 'Oh so there is was'.

As so, i gather up all my collections and decided to put my RO collection on my blog as the 1st online game i ever played.

My Collection

The Reload cards

'Guild'.... Guide Books
Wops spell Guild wrong, Guide Book

Installation CD

The Limited Edition Sakura Romance... Wakakaka....

But haiz... i stopped at The Rise Of AI.... But SWATwolf have almost complete collection but the don't have the Limited Edition Sakura Romance... hahaha.... Owned! XD