26 July 2007

Our new Notice board

Ohhhh~~ Black~~~

Since there is Streamyx promotion tab and other stuff on our club notice board... We decided to do sumting about it... Refurnish! XD SWATwolf bought black paper~ To make it officially to make our club space as people tend to put advertisement on our club notice board.... So everyone get busy!
Haha! I'm laughing about tranformers... Wanna piece of me?! XD
Wow! Adrian is actually taking break from his manga reading and actually doing work
And there he is again! Amazing! Haha!
In the end we all do work, haha! Putting double sided tape on the black paper....
Wow! Looks great!
The Finishing for now that is~

As we had finish our club work doing the notice board, as usual... we fooled around a little XD Testing Tomi's camera 3.2 mega pixel, if i'm not mistaken. 1 second Lag!
After few.... nop.... Many Shots... we get perfect ones.


Thats all... Thanks for reading my blog.. ^^

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ToMCaT said...

Wa... It's our "busy" pictures there... Lol...